Backcountry Support Team
Keree Smith
Team Lead
4 years guiding experience in Hornstrandir, Avalanche Safety Training Level 2, Wilderness First Responder (WFR), First Aid Certificate

Chris Perra
Avalanche Safety Manager
Avalanche Operations Level 1

Curtis Morrison
Medical Support
Wilderness First Aid, Avalanche Operations Level 1

Nikos Schwelm
Avalanche Safety Assistant
Avalanche Safety Training Level 2

Our project aspires to see this species in context, and the best way to do that is by visiting the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in spring, when the foxes are still in their winter element.  Within Hornstrandir, foxes are protected from hunting, and this safety has rendered them far less afraid of people than those that reside outside the park boundaries.  This remote and uninhabited section of the Westfjords is best accessed skis, and we have compiled a backcountry support team that has extensive experience in multi-day traverses across rugged landscapes.  Our team members have professional qualifications and guiding experience, and our team leader has guided in Hornstrandir for the past four years. 


Safety is our top priority when traveling in avalanche terrain all team members will be equipped with a beacon, probe and shovel.  We will have an InReach on hand for emergency communication.